Materials We Use In Our Products

The Greeting Card, Kraft Envelope & Bookmark

We strive to make all our choices relating to the materials we use in our company sustainable ones. Our greeting cards our made from 100% recycled materials. They are designed and printed by us in our studio in Wexford. The kraft brown envelope that you get with your card is made from 100% recycled materials. The free bookmark we pack in every order is also made from 100% recycled material and is 100% compostable! 

The Packing Envelope

We design, print, handcut and fold all of our packing envelopes! Yes, we make them all by hand! We want to provide a fun @weird_watercolours experience. Post that is something other than a bill! Our envelopes are made with 100% recycled materials and are recyclable.


Our prints are designed and printed by us in our studio. The paper we use is 100% acid free, FSC certified & recyclable. We can do any of our card designs on a print for you; purchase any print then send us an email to let us know the design you want! We also do personalised custom prints for your weird and wonderful ideas!

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